Familiarity doesn’t equal love

Familiarity doesn’t equal love

On the first night of my Seattle trip, as my boyfriend and I were driving down the streets of Bellevue, Washington, I commented, “You know… Seattle is becoming more and more foreign to me everytime I visit.” I felt a tinge of sadness as I said that. To think that Seattle, my so-called 2nd home where I spent my college years (my “developmental” early 20s), was becoming associated with foreignness felt hypocritical. I never thought I would feel this way. So much of who I am today was based around my lifestyle in Seattle. My values and habits are heavily influenced by the Emerald City. I always used to say without a hint of hesitation about how much I loved the city and how much I would love to come back and live there. Then for me to come back and feel like I’m in a foreign place? That was hard to accept even as I said it. Read More

My Bucket List: 50 Places in Seoul in One Year

50 things to do in seoul

What is the biggest tourist spot in your city? What is the most famous landmark that Trip Adviser tells you you have to see in your city? Now tell me, how many of those places have you actually visited?

There’s a saying that if Disneyland is outside your door, you will never go until a friend from out of town visits. We are usually so focused on seeing places outside of where we live and visiting new countries that we neglect all the great places to see within a short walk or drive.

This certainly was the case for me in every place I lived in. Every time I was getting ready to move to a new city, I immediately regretted not having explored more. But not this time! Read More