TCK Goes to Oahu 2017

TCK Goes to Oahu 2017

Ahh… another dream vacation has passed. I kicked off the month of April with a week in the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. This was my 4th time going to Oahu, yet each visit always feels fresh, like there’s something new to be offered. I love that Hawaii has something for everybody. There’s the beach, hiking, shopping, restaurants… And anywhere you go will feel like you’re in paradise, thanks to the crystal clear blue sky, the sun, and the ocean breeze. I was super lucky to have my boyfriend, who is originally from Hawaii, plan the majority of the week. It’s always great to have a local show you around! Read More

Cafe Sapoon Sapoon

Cafe Sapoon Sapoon

Last weekend, Soyoon and I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend our “blogging day” out. I conducted a quick Naver search to find a cafe nearby and there was one particular place that seemed promising. Read More

The Best and Worst Things About Being Back Home

After relocating back “home” (the country that I have a passport from), I experienced reverse culture shock. It wasn’t all smooth sailing so here I present to you the five best and worst things about being back “home.”   Read More

What’s in my carry-on pouch

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I’ve been really obsessed with minimalism and multi-tasking lately, especially when it comes to beauty items. I’m scheduled to go to Beijing (for work) then Hawaii within a few weeks, and I thought I would share some of my must-have beauty items to carry on with me on the plane!

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11 things that always happen when you’re Skyping

I love Skype. It has made my life so much more convenient because I can literally talk to anyone wherever and whenever. As a dedicated Skype user of 10+ years, I’ve come to label certain things as “Skype things,” meaning, these “things” always or almost always happen when you’re Skyping. If you’re an avid Skype user (or dependant) like me, you’ve probably familiar with some of these. Here are just a few: Read More

Hunting Down TCKs

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My family group chat is a mess. Korean, English, and Chinese flying everywhere, jumbled in random sentences. Who knew a three-word sentence could be trilingual. You turn to your co-worker and make a joke about fake alcohol in China and they give you a weird stare. Then, of course, there’s the biggest headache of them all – “Where are you from?” Each simple answer you attempt to give only creates further confusion when they ask about why your English is so good, why I somehow have friends in China, what’s your nationality, etc.

Sometimes, the most comforting place to be is amidst the chaos of your fellow TCKs. Simple questions like what you are doing for winter break can turn into answers as convoluted as “Well, I’m heading back to Shanghai for a bit to see my friends, going to Taiwan to see my relatives, and then going to spend the rest of the time in Dubai with my parents.” And yet, in our world this is completely normal. Read More