My Bucket List: 50 Places in Seoul in One Year

50 things to do in seoul

What is the biggest tourist spot in your city? What is the most famous landmark that Trip Adviser tells you you have to see in your city? Now tell me, how many of those places have you actually visited?

There’s a saying that if Disneyland is outside your door, you will never go until a friend from out of town visits. We are usually so focused on seeing places outside of where we live and visiting new countries that we neglect all the great places to see within a short walk or drive.

This certainly was the case for me in every place I lived in. Every time I was getting ready to move to a new city, I immediately regretted not having explored more. But not this time!

In an effort to counteract this never-ending cycle of regrets about the places I never got to see, I have compiled a list of 50 places in Seoul that I want to have visited by June 7, 2018. Seoul is truly a beauty with much to see and I don’t want to delay having awesome adventures in this city I now call home.

So let’s take a look at my list!

  1. Seoul Arts Center
  2. Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market
  3. Deoksugung
  4. Bukhansan
  5. D Museum
  6. Seoul Color Park
  7. Culture Station Seoul 284
  8. 63 Building
  9. Jeongdong Theater
  10. Coex Aquarium
  11. Korea University
  12. Namhansanseong
  13. Children’s Grand Park, Seoul
  14. Seoul Museum of History
  15. Tapgol Park
  16. Korea Furniture Museum
  17. Seodaemun Prison
  18. Seoul World Cup Stadium
  19. Nagseonjae
  20. Seonjeongneung
  21. Parc Boramae
  22. Common Ground
  23. Eland Cruise
  24. Bugak Skyway
  25. Seokjangri Museum
  26. Garak Market
  27. Indic Slow
  28. The Nilk Factory
  29. Double Trouble
  30. Brotherhood Kitchen
  31. Grévin Seoul
  32. Cakeshop
  33. D Project Space
  34. Woolf Social Club
  35. The Vault
  36. Trick Eye Museum
  37. Craft Works
  38. Jogyesa Buddhist Temple
  39. Gwangjang Market
  40. Catch the guards at Gyeongbokgung
  41. Wear Hanbok through Samcheongdong
  42. Ewha Women’s University
  43. SMTOWN@coexartium
  44. Namdaemun Market
  45. Bongeunsa
  46. Kimchi Museum
  47. Silent Disco
  48. Dialogue in the Dark
  49. Banpo Bridge
  50. Dongmyo

Can’t wait to take you guys on the journey with me!


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