What it means to be truly happy – 5 takeaways

What it means to be truly happy – 5 takeaways

What makes you truly happy? Friends? An exotic vacation? A good book? Laughter of a newborn child?

Great. Because those things make me happy too. But what if those sources of joy were stripped off of you and you were left with just… you? Are you your source of happiness?

This is the question that I had asked myself over and over again, resulting in fake answers each time. I can’t pinpoint exactly when this started, but I had been building a facade of happiness to mask dissatisfaction and flaws in my life. I continued on with such lifestyle because it worked for me for a period of time. But over time, that facade started to crumble with the ever-growing weight of overlooked unhappiness and depression beneath the surface. I was so scared that my imperfections and vulnerabilities would shine like a high beam through the cracks. Helplessness engulfed me because I felt like I was losing control of my mind and life. My sources of joy were falling through beneath my feet. I was terrified. Read More

Childhood memories in Korea

Childhood memories in Korea

So here’s a bit of my story. I was born in Seoul, Korea and lived there (well, “here” now that I’m back) until I was 8 years old. Until then, I thought I was going to live like any other normal Korean kids. Never in my short 8 years of life, did I think that I’ll be moving away from my “home” and live in different countries… for 15 years!

Because of this, Seoul to me was more of a place of nostalgia than somewhere I would call “home.” When I lived abroad, I could look back at those years in Korea and recall the sweet, sentimental notes of childhood memories. Those memories always felt dreamlike and brought a smile on my face. Read More

My Bucket List: 50 Places in Seoul in One Year

50 things to do in seoul

What is the biggest tourist spot in your city? What is the most famous landmark that Trip Adviser tells you you have to see in your city? Now tell me, how many of those places have you actually visited?

There’s a saying that if Disneyland is outside your door, you will never go until a friend from out of town visits. We are usually so focused on seeing places outside of where we live and visiting new countries that we neglect all the great places to see within a short walk or drive.

This certainly was the case for me in every place I lived in. Every time I was getting ready to move to a new city, I immediately regretted not having explored more. But not this time! Read More