Late Night Cravings: Zongzi

One thing I loved about living in Shanghai was Chinese holidays. I mean as a high school student, I had every reason to love any excuse not to go to school. Fair enough, no?

One particular holiday I really looked forward to was the Dragon Boat Festival. Every year, our family driver’s wife would make tons of zongzi, a traditional Chinese food commonly eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, and share them with our family.

So what is zongzi anyway? Zongzi is made of thick pieces of pork (or beans, but I prefer pork) stuffed in a palm-sized ball of sticky rice mixed in soy sauce, then wrapped with steamed bamboo leaf. Aka, a truly mouthsgasmic combination.

A freshly steamed zongzi is jam-packed with savory flavors and is a delightful mixture of different textures. The hot steam will warm up your palette for the explosion of tastes. The perfectly flavored rice with soy sauce is a hearty element that complements the soft, juicy pork meat inside. Some might find this on the bit heavy side, but I think that’s why I used to eat 2 to 3 of these instead of a meal…

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on a Tuesday (which is today!) this year. And my dormant craving for zongzi has been awakened… I haven’t had this delicious food in years, so instead of crying about it alone, I thought it would be an appropriate time to write about how much I love and miss it.

What do you miss eating that you can’t get in your current country?


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  1. I can see the deliciousness!! And especially your words carried into my own senses..! So the DuanWu.. is that sort of like Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.. or Grandparent’s Day in the U.S.? But combined? Or more for your entire line of ancestry?

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