TCK Goes to Songdo

TCK Goes to Songdo

Thank you, the month of May, for giving us a glorious 5-day weekend! Originally, I wanted to visit Taiwan to see my best friend, but that didn’t happen so I was left with almost a week of no solid plans. Still, I decided to make the most out of the long weekend and planned a day trip to Songdo.

Songdo, located near Incheon, is approximately 2 hours away from Seoul by subway, so I thought it would make the perfect destination for a quick day trip. To get there from Seoul, you’ll have to take Line 7 all the way to the last station (Bupyeong-gu Office) and transfer to the Incheon 1 Line. (see English subway map here)

Yonsei Univerisity Songdo Campus

I planned the trip so that by the time I arrive, it’ll be around lunchtime. My first stop was the Campus Town Station, which was near the Yonsei University Songdo campus. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from Songdo, but what I discovered was a vast, modernized city that felt different from the dense and crowded Seoul.

Lunch at Raon-Saem

I cut across the campus to find my lunch destination, which happened to be one of the college restaurants. Located in the basement level of the Underwood Memorial Library, Raon-Saem is a food court where you order from the main cash register and pick up your food from different stations when the food is ready.

I ordered the baked chicken gratin, which I read online was one of the popular dishes. My wait for the food was fairly quick, possibly because I went during the break so there weren’t as many people waiting. The food was absolutely delicious and I finished every last bit of it. The best part? This whole thing was only 5900 KRW! (about 5 bucks!!)

Central Park

I was off to a good start. With a full tummy I headed to one of Songdo’s main attraction, the Central Park. Like the name suggests, Central Park is located in the heart of Songdo but I could see it acting as a quick getaway for the city dwellers. (Just like the Central Park in NYC!)

I absolutely loved the layout of the park. There was greenery everywhere and tall, modern buildings and architectures peeping out from every corner, creating a very aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition. You can’t forget about the gorgeous man-made river that flowed through the park.

Holly’s Coffee

When I was researching about Songdo, there was one place I was very curious about. That place was Holly’s Coffee, a very common coffee shop chain in Korea. This particular store had adapted its building to the traditional Korean Hanok style, giving it a very unique look from the other stores. I had to check this place out.

Just as I expected, the place was packed. I was really lucky to find a nice corner table with full-length windows revealing the magnificent view of the park. Honestly, there was nothing special about the drinks, but it was clear that everyone was there for the aesthetics, including me.


One standout architecture from the park was definitely the Tri-Bowl, located right next to the entrance of the park, next to the Central Park Station. It’s a very popular attraction and you just can’t miss it. You can also go inside the bowls, but unfortunately it was closed when I went… I will make sure to try again next time!

NC Cube Canal Walk

After a nice walk in the Central Park, I strolled off to my next destination, the NC Cube Canal Walk.  This place was an outdoor shopping center that literally stretched down for blocks – like a canal of shops! I loved that this place had such a nice outdoor seating setup, as you can see from the pictures below. I could tell that once summer hits, this place will be packed with people!

Alright, so that wraps up my quick day trip to Songdo. I loved that I could just whiz over via subway and feel like I actually went somewhere. Day trips are so perfect for weekends (or long weekends), you bet I’m going to be doing this more often!

Now where should I check out next… If you’re in Seoul or in Korea, let me know if there any places you would recommend! I would love to check them out. 🙂


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