How to prevent sickness before a vacation

You’ve been counting down the days for months, and you have just one week to go until your vacay aaaaaaaand ATCHOO!! Great, now you’re sick. Has this happened to anyone before? Because I’ve definitely been a victim of this tragic situation and I totally understand the frustration. Getting sick before a vacation and (even worse) carrying that sickness to your vacation is just not ideal.

My boyfriend and I have this thing when we reach around 2 weeks countdown until our next reunion, we really push each other to stay healthy and not get sick. We really don’t like waiting months to see each other and end up one of us being sick, because who does???

Honestly, the answer to this ailment is to maintain a consistently healthy lifestyle (green juice, workout everyday, sleep early, cook at home, good-bye chocolate…) But let’s get real here. Committing to such a lifestyle is a lot of work and even if we do decide to change, long-term effects will show much later. Therefore, I’m here to share some tips on how to quickly yet effectively prevent sicknesses before your next vacation:

  • Drink plenty of water to prevent or combat dehydration, which can wreak havoc on your body. And this is what we’re trying to avoid right? Water is essential in flushing out toxins that causes the sickness. Try to aim for 1L a day.
  • Vitamin-c will be your weapon of choice to prevent any sickness, and the good thing is that it is super accessible! You can either take vitamin-c supplements, drink orange juice (or just eat an orange haha), or buy packets of Emergen-c.
  • My mom is a firm believer that the best cure to anything eating well (and wearing socks… #asianmom), and I completely agree. Make sure you’re getting even, balanced meals. Try to avoid anything too fatty or sugary as much as possible. Think of it this way: one you discipline yourself for a few days, you can eat all the yummy food when you’re away, because who’s gonna tell you that you can’t have that dessert on your vacation??
  • “Sleep is for the weak” is literally the perfect phrase for this context. When you’re body is weak, you need to sleep to reenergize yourself. Your body is like a battery that needs to be recharged when the power is low. Make sure you really prioritize sleeping an hour earlier than usual. Helpful tip: try to cut down on your caffeine to make sleeping easier at night!
  • I’m not a fan of going to the doctor’s, but this could actually help you get better quicker. A week before my trip to Seattle last Christmas, I came down with a nasty cold that I just could not get rid of by myself. The doctors prescribed me with some medication that helped reduce the symptoms in a few days. Plus, it won’t hurt to get a check-up just in case your sickness could be something more serious than an average cold!

Just in case you do fall victim to this unfortunate situation, make sure to plan ahead to reduce the stress that comes with preparing for the trip while sick. Make a packing list (or just start packing early!). Make sure your plans or itineraries are set. Trust me, you don’t want to be stressing out about those details when you’re fighting off a sickness!

Did you find any of the tips helpful? What are some of your tips on preventing sickness before the big trip?


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