How to spend a productive long weekend

Long weekends are amazing, without a doubt, and one is fast approaching here in Korea (tomorrow to be exact). Unless you have a getaway planned (lucky you), chances are you’ll be spending it as you would on a regular weekend. I, for one, don’t want to feel like “where the hell did the long weekend go?” next Monday, and I’m sure you don’t either. Therefore, I’ve committed myself to making sure this long weekend is as productive as possible. This doesn’t mean full-on work mode like the weekdays – this is a break, after all – but making sure the following Monday, you’ll feel like you just absolutely killed it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Plan ahead, look at your to-do list and see what’s on there. It’s so crucial to have a structure of how you’ll spend your time. If you don’t have anything planned, you will somehow time travel to Monday and wonder where the weekend went. Don’t let this happen and take control of your time! You don’t have to have an intensive plan down to the seconds, but even a loose idea of things you want to accomplish will do the job.
  • From the to-do list mentioned above, see what you need to do (i.e. laundry, return that shirt that was too big, grocery, etc). There are two ways to do this: either do it early and get it out of the way (or dedicate a day to chores), or group similar tasks together and space them out throughout the days. But never save this til the last day!
  • Similar to above, see what you want to do from the to-do list, but stay realistic – not something like going to Hawaii or bungee jumping (unless these are somehow realistic in your context). Maybe there was a book you’ve been putting off that you want to finish (guilty), visiting a friend, or checking out that new restaurant in town, etc.
  • You can never go wrong with working out. Try building a workout schedule. Too lazy to do that? Cassey from Blogilates puts out a monthly workout calendar you can download and follow along. She always has the best workout schedules, and boy she will make. you. work.
  • Block out a time for pure relaxation. During this time, you can do whatever the hell you please, as long as it’s for just relaxing. Sneak in some naps. Binge-watch that Netflix show that’s been on your to-watch list. This will also feel super rewarding after being so productive!
  • Feeling a little fancy? Try a staycation on one of the days of the weekend as suggested by Mandy from “A Girl, Obsessed” (@MandyFerrugia). That way you’ll feel like you’ve done something vacation-y without having to travel far out!

Find any of this helpful? Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips for spending a productive long weekend! 🙂


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  1. nice tips! totally agree, nothing worse than a long weekend spent doing nothing (well although, sometimes i do prefer that lol). i love catching up with my to-do lists and a little staycation never hurts 😉

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