Cafe Sapoon Sapoon

Cafe Sapoon Sapoon

Last weekend, Soyoon and I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend our “blogging day” out. I conducted a quick Naver search to find a cafe nearby and there was one particular place that seemed promising.



The cafe was called 사푼사푼 (Sapoon Sapoon), just off of Samseong Station on Line 2. (It was also a convenient 10-minute bus ride from our place) Adjacent to the lobby of the KT&G building, the cafe was a breath of crisp modern-esqueness that complemented the marbled lobby interior. Yet the coolness of the modern design was counterbalanced by the warm sunlight that poured in from the gigantic window that stretched from wall to wall.





There was plenty of space for both socializing and working which is exactly what I look for in what I call an “office” cafe. The seats against the wall and the long concrete slab, which served as a table, were abundantly equipped with power outlets, which was convenient for us who brought laptops. The seats by the window seemed like a great spot to just chill. Outside the window, you could see a very nice outdoor terrace that I assumed would fill up during summer.

Of course, what’s a cafe without trying out their drinks/food, right? From my quick research, I learned that Sapoon Sapoon was run by 정관장 (Chungkwanjang), a popular brand specializing in Red Ginseng products. Because of that, Sapoon Sapoon had some very interesting red ginseng infused items on the menu. I bravely ordered the white ginseng-ccino and a slice of ginseng carrot cake. For sake of familiarity, Soyoon went with an americano.




I know it’s hard to connect the dots between red ginseng and coffee. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the ginseng-ccino but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The ginseng taste was softened by the foamed milk and had a very smooth texture. The ginseng carrot cake absolutely delicious. The cake itself was super moist and the ginseng frosting complemented the carrot cake so wonderfully! Soyoon and I both agreed that we would come back for this cake. Two thumbs up!

I think more than anything, it was the atmosphere of Sapoon Sapoon that made us fall in love with this place. I loved everything from the interior to the vibe, and it was such a great place to get down and be productive. I love that it’s so close from where I live, so I can go there whenever I want. The next time I’m there, I would like to try the other ginseng-infused drinks. I mean they’re good for you… might as well! 😉

Sapoon Sapoon
KT&G Tower 1F
416, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 416 KT&G타워 1층



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