What’s in my carry-on pouch

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I’ve been really obsessed with minimalism and multi-tasking lately, especially when it comes to beauty items. I’m scheduled to go to Beijing (for work) then Hawaii within a few weeks, and I thought I would share some of my must-have beauty items to carry on with me on the plane!

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hand lotion a small moisturizing hand lotion is an essential in my pouch. I use it on my hands and also my arms and legs if needed. I got the SKINFOOD Shea Butter Perfumed Hand Cream Musk, which I got as a gift actually! I usually go for thicker consistencies (like shea butter) because I feel like they’re great at locking in the moisture for a long time.

samples of skincare one thing I’m so grateful about living in Korea is that whenever you go to any beauty stores, you end up with tiny packets of product samples. When you’re like me and buy lots of stuff, the samples really pile up. Samples are not only great for trying out products without having to commit to the full size, they’re also great to take with you on the plane or when you’re on a short trip. I always like to bring a sample of moisturizer or cream in my pouch to combat the dryness on the plane. This always helps make my skin look more fresh and alive after getting off and not look so dead and zombie-like.

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translucent pressed powder I’m an oily gal, so a translucent pressed powder is always a must-have in my everyday pouch. Especially on a plane, my face gets especially oily (your skin produces more oil to fight the dryness), so I need the help of a powder product to keep my oiliness at bay. My (and the rest of Korea) holy grail pressed powder is the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact, which is so effective at blotting the oil and making your face super powdery soft. This retails for 10,000krw (about $10) and it’s just such a great value!

roll-on perfume another thing that helps me feel fresh and clean during a flight is a roll-on perfume. Roll-on perfumes are so convenient because it’s still allowed on board and they easily fit in any makeup pouches. I carry around CLEAN Skin Rollerball, which as its name suggests smells super clean and skinlike. It’s not overwhelming in any way, and you smell like you just got out of a fresh shower and put on a clean, crisp white shirt just out of the dryer. And who doesn’t love that?

lip balm as you could have guessed by now, the theme of my carry on pouch is moisturization. Your lips are no exception. I cannot stand having dry lips, so I have a lip balm with me all the time. My go-to has been the trusty Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm. I love the way the cooling and softening balm glides on my lips, and one application always lasts me hours.

lipstick I love having a rosy, creamy lipstick in my pouch to serve two functions: lip and cheek color. I’ve been carrying around Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink. I love using this lipstick to give some color to my pale lips. I also apply this to my fingers to blend into my cheeks for a natural flush of color. If you like to freshen up towards the end or the end of the flight, this simple trick will immediately make you look lively and well-rested. See what I mean by I love multi-tasking items?

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concealer I always carry around a concealer with me for quick touch-ups. If I decide to forgo my cushion foundation (which is most of the time), then I usually resort to just light concealing. I’ve been loving the oh-so-famous Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard. I also happened to have picked up the travel sized version from Sephora a while ago, so that’s been working perfectly in my pouch.

cushion foundation I’m cheating with this one, because I don’t actually carry this in my pouch but I just like throw this in my purse. But I think it’s still worth mentioning because it is just perfect for traveling! Although I typically don’t do a full face while flying, I still like to use the mirror (haha)… Or this particular cushion foundation is so light and skin like that I can just do a very thin layer just to the center of my face. Soyoon actually recommended the Belif Moisture Bomb Cushion and I freaking love this stuff. It’s super light and skinlike and gives such a natural glow to the skin, which is the look I’ve been loving as of late.

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zyrtec (or any other type of medicine) this isn’t necessarily a beauty related item, but it’s still an essential item for me. My nose can be offset like a broken faucet to anything (for example, dry air) and Zyrtec. I carry a Zyrtec with me to make my flight as least miserable as possible. If you suffer from a hyper-sensitive nose like me, I highly recommend you do this. Trust me, a plane is not the place where you want to be wheezing and sneezing for hours!

And guess what? They all fit in one pouch! (Minus the cushion foundation, oh well…) I can’t wait for these upcoming trips (although one is for work) and I’m really motivated to go on more this year!

So what are your favorite items to carry on with you? Also, do you have any travel plans coming up?


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