11 things that always happen when you’re Skyping

I love Skype. It has made my life so much more convenient because I can literally talk to anyone wherever and whenever. As a dedicated Skype user of 10+ years, I’ve come to label certain things as “Skype things,” meaning, these “things” always or almost always happen when you’re Skyping. If you’re an avid Skype user (or dependant) like me, you’ve probably familiar with some of these. Here are just a few:

  1. “Can you hear me?” or “Can you see me?”
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    What is a better conversation opener than making sure the other person can hear or see you.

  2. The unexpected call-drops
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    Nothing sucks more than an unexpected call-drop, especially when you were JUST getting to the good part of the story. Followed by the very unhelpful “call quality feedback” pop-up window.

  3. The unsolicited ugly front camera view
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    A.k.a how to give the other end (and yourself) a mini heart-attack.

  4. The lags
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    Typically this is when you hear stories in chopped up intervals. You can choose to either continuously ask “what?” or nod along as if you understood everything.

  5. “Hold on, my phone/computer has low battery”
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    This is also a great way to show off your mad running skills.

  6. Screenshots
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    Just an fyi, you are never safe from making ugly faces on Skype. You may think you’re fast, but the other person is always faster.

  7. “Say hi to…”
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    Say hi to my friend/roommate/mom/cousin/sister/mailman/yoga teacher/barista/dog. Sometimes you’ll become so acquainted with frequent appearances, it’ll feel like you know their entire life story.

  8. Time difference
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    Good morning can mean their good night, and good night can mean their good morning.

  9. Distractions
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    Sorry, I’m still listening… But I just got distracted by my IMMENSELY SQUISHY CHEEKS. HOW COULD I NOT RESIST?!

  10. The next Skype session
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    Whether the two of you actually come to fruition of a next Skype session, it is very common to end the conversation with “we need to Skype again!”

  11. Always feeling like that person is close to you
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    Just know that despite the distance, Skype can always help close the gap!

Of course, this list applies to Facetime, WhatsApp, Kakao, Line, etc. But the point is, such communication methods make the distance much more bearable and help to maintain our relationships with the special people in our lives. Although it’s really easy to take this for granted, can we just take a moment to take a step back and say – what a time to be alive?


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